Pay Online

Pay Online taxpayer can use the underlisted sub-menus to make their payments 
REMITA: Taxpayer can use this Sub-menus to pay their taxes by selecting the relevant tax from the list of taxes and filling the other information.
STAMP DUTY: Taxpayer can use this Sub-menus to make their payment with regards to Stamp duty such as Deed of Assignment, Tenancy Agreement and tenancy lease.
WITHOLDING TAX: Taxpayer can use this Sub-menu to make hteir payment base on the types of witholding tax
CONTRACT: This Sub-menu is for Contractors to use and calculate their relevant contract tax payment.
VERIFY RRR: This Sub-menu is for taxpayers to confirm their RRR validity and proceed to payment through Remita, if its already been paid an Error message will display as "This RRR has been processed" if not then a taxpayer will proceed to Remita payment page.